Best Gift Ideas for Bangladeshi Traditional Occasions


Best Gift Ideas for Bangladeshi Traditional Occasions

Choosing the perfect gift is an art and experience in itself. Some gifts may be difficult to buy, especially if you can’t go out and purchase one from a shop or any other store.

Here we have come up with FOUR great gift ideas for Bangladeshi traditional occasions .

Bangladeshi Handcrafts:

Cane Dolna

Handicrafts and cottage industries are some of the most inspiring gift ideas for Bangladeshi traditional occasions as well. Always start at home and go to any craft store in your area, look for handcrafts that show a display such as woodwork, cane or jute.

Fruits Tray

Handcrafts play a vital role in sustaining the culture heritage of Bangladesh. The prominent handcraft in the early and Middle Periods were Nakshi Katha, Pottery, jewelry, wood workshop , bamboo & cane workshop, crockery etc.  Latterly, jute and leather came the major raw accoutrements for handcraft. The most predominant features of Bangladesh handcraft are the expansive use of individual skill and the intriguing design motifs.


Flowers Bouquet

Flowers Bouquets are specially cherished by Bangladeshi women, girls and even some men as well. Everybody loves to get this beautiful & attractive gifts from their nearest one or family person. You can choose this precious gift in many occasions, such as-Marriage Anniversary, New Year, Celebrating any success, Father’s day, Mother’s day etc. flower bunch

Show Pieces

Art work by Painters and sculptors are popular as Gifts here in Bangladesh. Suppliers of Bangladesh are now concerned about the export potential of their products. The picture being painted today is one where people in large numbers demand for country-of-origin labelling rather than “made in”. There have been several indicators that things will start moving from an importing to an exporting position at some stage, possibly as early as 2006–7 or 2009 onwards. Items such as branded bedding, textile carpet, pottery etc.



Chocolates, Toys & Sweets

Chocolates, Toys or Sweets are the another wonderful gift ideas to send your beloved one. It can be bring happiness to recipient for sure.



Gifts are traditionally give with care, thought and consideration. There are few Bangladeshi occasions that gifting is typically associate with:

  • Marriage Anniversary
  • Celebrating Graduation Ceremony
  • Birthday
  • Father’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Pohela Boishakh etc.


Hope this article will help you to find out a great gift ideas!

Thank you for reading !

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