Flowers as a Gift

Flowers as a Gift

The internet has made it so much easier to find flowers and there are now many online flower delivery stores that will have thousands of flowers in different varieties, textures and colors. FundayGift.com is a one of the trusted Gift shop in Bangladesh.

Flowers are the most precious gift to send your friends & family. They have the power to make a person smile and it is a great feeling having flowers to share with someone special. But flowers gift baskets are more than just flowers; they include all sorts of items as well.

Some people like certain flowers better than others, and you will want to know what they prefer so that you can send them a gift that they will enjoy.

If you need a flower delivery service for a specific occasion then you’re warm welcome to use best online gift delivery shop in Bangladesh fundaygift.com to find the right flowers gift for the occasion. This will save you both time and money, and the person you are giving the flowers to will be touched by your thought and care.
There is Different flowers have different meanings and symbolism that you can lean on to show your love and appreciation for beloved one in your life this year.

Meaning of Different Flowers:

• Tulips: Passion, confidence
• Daisies: Innocence, hope
• Roses: Love
• Hydrangeas: Gratitude, understanding, emotion
• Orchids: Admiration
• Lillies: Beauty
• Peonies: Happiness in life
• Sunflowers: Adoration
• Zinnias: Thoughts of absent friends
• Hibiscus: Delicate beauty
• Chrysanthemums: Honesty
• Daffodils: New beginnings

Meaning of Flowers Colour:

• Red: Romance, intense love
• Orange: Happiness, joy
• Purple: Charm, grace, elegance
• Pink: Innocence, playfulness, sensitivity
• White: Purity, honesty, innocence
• Yellow: Trust, compassion, friendship
• Blue: Serenity
• Green: Harmony, balance
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